We are aware that our effort is a grain of sand in the face of great demand in Costa Rica and Central America, but if we manage to bring comfort to a few, we are satisfied with that.

In 2006, construction began on a new specialized shelter, called Madre del Perpetuo Socorro, with a capacity to house up to 70 patients. The project of 3500 square meters of construction, managed to finish successfully after 6 years. It is a hostel with specialized conditions that is revolutionizing our service in efficiency, comprehensive support and significantly improving our health statistics in the small ones we serve.

To support the project, a commission was formed called “Friends of the Mother of Perpetual Help” project, to whom we send our most appreciated thanks as well as to all the people who supported in many different ways and still continue to do so.

New projects are planned to continue increasing coverage and service so that these brothers have access to what anyone in this country deserves.

  • We now deal with the management of resources and donations for the placement of control plant, conduits, and medical gas intakes in the assistance cubicles, (suction, oxygen, medical air) equipment of great cost but of relevant importance, being of people whose recurrent disease is respiratory.
  • We also deal with the project of Shock Room or medical emergency, the development of the Social Dining project for people of limited resources with family members with severe disabilities, the special education classroom project, the access ramp project for the disabled, the project of security and closed circuit, as well as the maintenance of the new shelter, annual camp on disability and social justice, etc.
  • Our vision goes more to become a center of first line in the integral attention of the person with severe disability, but also to reach a sensitive, solidary and committed service, but above all with the spiritual dimension that leads us to look at each one. of these special people, as the most valuable thing that God has placed in our hands.

Si desea apoyar la atención de los niños en nuestros albergues, con alimentos, medicinas, pañales, etc,  puede hacerlo con  donaciones en línea,  donaciones recurrentes en nuestro enlace a DONACIONES O directamente con pañales, leches alimentos y medicinas en el Hogar en Rosales de Desamparados de Alajuela. Consulte  nuestra dirección en CONTACTENOS.