In the day to day in the center we consume mainly the following things and always need:

Food Campaign

Most frequent medications

Vanilla ensure milk

Diaper mark Tena sleep medium


Sucralfate suspension

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List of Needs

Dear friends, this is a list of needs, we welcome any help you can give us. If you need more information: CONTACT US

Wheel chair

Bath chair


Metal Shelves

Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless Steel Containers

Exploration table

Enteral Feeding Pump

Kendall Phone Provider


Comforters for cradle

Individual pillows


Red trash cans

Dispensers of paper for hand

Toilet paper dispensers

Large trash cans

Coffee makers for hot water

Pedal trash cans

Plastic boxes

Washing machine

Arm to place monitor

5 Foot Giants

Insdustrial Blender

Industrial Arm (liqueur)

Glass containers


Si desea apoyar la atención de los niños en nuestros albergues, con alimentos, medicinas, pañales, etc,  puede hacerlo con  donaciones en línea,  donaciones recurrentes en nuestro enlace a DONACIONES O directamente con pañales, leches alimentos y medicinas en el Hogar en Rosales de Desamparados de Alajuela. Consulte  nuestra dirección en CONTACTENOS.