Missionaries of the Redeeming Heart of Christ

Our Lord has always been wise, and although the world strives to divide the poor from the rich, the healthy from the sick to the virtuous from the slow, he never abandons his own, sooner or later according to his time, the He will show his will and exalt those who have been despised and forgotten, and he will do so through the generous hands of those who love him and put themselves at his service. “L.D.G.

The missionary community of the Redeemer Heart of Christ was founded in Costa Rica in 1995. The mission has no other meaning than to be generous support for our most abandoned brothers and thanks to this detachment, realize our soul and achieve happiness by fulfilling the will of God “love one another as I have loved you”.

Always prayerful, our main task and that occupies most of our time is in the fields of mission, the care of children and adults with disabilities in abandonment, is demanding and if you want to exhaust, only with the help of God it is possible to overcome our human weakness, and tolerate the renunciations that must be made to supply the needs of these little ones of God to whom we have become our children.

They who with their inspiring struggle to survive confirm the validity of our option.

Community life and constant prayer, also our offering so that Christ awakens in the heart the desire to live and feel the poverty of the neighbor as his own, not an intellectual identification but solidarity, not passive, but diligent and constant.

It is to assume a responsibility with these brothers, responsibility that this society has left aside, orienting itself rather to the satisfaction of the personal needs, even if it means to pass over another, or to abuse the possessions and the power while others die in the lack.

We live simply from what people donate, we dress as inhabitants and the religious life in community is the fraternal family that God gives us, the source of our spiritual growth. We are few, but we have the faith that God will inflate hearts that beat to the rhythm of this his work, and so we can give comfort to many more that although they are still in the streets, certainly do not depart from the divine thought.

If you feel called to service and total dedication, if you are looking for the opportunity to show solidarity with your poor brothers, if you want to be filled with life-giving work, if you want to live the will of God, share this path with us.

Write us to the email:

hnamarlen@misionerascrc.com or corazonredentor@ice.co.cr

Si desea apoyar la atención de los niños en nuestros albergues, con alimentos, medicinas, pañales, etc,  puede hacerlo con  donaciones en línea,  donaciones recurrentes en nuestro enlace a DONACIONES O directamente con pañales, leches alimentos y medicinas en el Hogar en Rosales de Desamparados de Alajuela. Consulte  nuestra dirección en CONTACTENOS.