History and achievements

The Open Hands Home Foundation was born in 1991.

Legally established and with a well-defined charisma, it begins its functions sheltering people in indigence, but the situation of people with severe disabilities in abandonment would change this history. Without the possibility of communicating their ailments, exposed to abuse and aggression, with extremely fragile health and the discrimination of those who measure the human being for their productivity, they are undoubtedly the poorest of the poor.

Since 1992 and born in prayer, a preferential option is taken by these people, which brought new needs in terms of space, care and special equipment. Collection activities were carried out and the providence allowed to raise funds for the construction of a new shelter. In 1992 the first shelter was built in San Ramón de Alajuela, with capacity for 20 individuals in permanent care. Parallel to this process, a religious community was consolidated that would later form the Association of the Faithful of the Missionaries of the Redeeming Heart of Christ. The demand for this service increased in the 1990s, due to the increase in foreign immigration to Costa Rica. It was then necessary to consider the possibility of starting a new project. In 1995, the construction of 5 shelters with capacity for 50 people began in Alajuela.

These shelters are designed specifically for the management and care of people with severe disabilities and terminal illnesses, broad accesses, regulatory lighting and lighting, isolation rooms, elevated tubs, therapy rooms, efficient health systems, medical care area, etc. During these years, the knowledge and experience of the religious community have interacted with the disabled population, with the support of many technicians and professionals who have enriched the service.

Currently working in 5 primary areas:

1. Health Area.

2. Prevention area.

3. Education Area.

4. Affective area.

5. Social Integration Area.

Annual programs and their respective evaluation have strengthened a comprehensive attention of the individual.

In the last two years, the Foundation has also developed a program to help low-income families in nearby communities. Year after year, many activities enrich the work of the Foundation, integration activities: Christmas party for children from the surrounding rural communities, the annual camp geared towards awareness of respect and opportunities for people with disabilities, annual meeting of volunteers of direct work, visits to recreational centers and social events that involve people with disabilities who are our recipients

Our greatest achievement without a doubt: to prolong the life of these people transforming it into a dignified and happy life through the improvement of their quality of life. It is essential for our mission, to give a place to the person with disabilities, to fight against discrimination in access to public and private services.


We have three care programs we serve on a permanent basis and we serve 125 people with disabilities.

Camino Program

Dedicated for people in a state of abandonment who require generalized support, with physical disability, terminal or chronic illness, from 18 to 65 years.

Located in Dulce Nombre de Tres Ríos.

"Heart Redeemer" Program

For people in a state of neglect, in conditions of disability, cerebral palsy and mental retardation (blind, deaf, mute, some are mobilized in wheelchairs), with chronic illnesses, but in some way a good percentage of the gut with the ability to incorporate into the environment, so in this program are constantly developing activities of social integration and education, occupational therapy.

Location: Rosales de Desamparados de Alajuela.

Program "Mother of Perpetual Help"

Dedicated for boys and girls (PME) in a state of abandonment with physical disability, infantile cerebral palsy, terminal or chronic disease from 0 to 18 years.

Blind, deaf, mute unable to mobilize themselves, oxygen dependent, present diagnoses such as:




Epidermolysis bullosa.


Respiratory diseases.

Degenerative syndromes, Down syndrome. Batten syndrome, and many others.

Location: Rosales de Desamparados de Alajuela.

Si desea apoyar la atención de los niños en nuestros albergues, con alimentos, medicinas, pañales, etc,  puede hacerlo con  donaciones en línea,  donaciones recurrentes en nuestro enlace a DONACIONES O directamente con pañales, leches alimentos y medicinas en el Hogar en Rosales de Desamparados de Alajuela. Consulte  nuestra dirección en CONTACTENOS.