Donaciones Manos

Thanks for making this mission YOUR OWN!

Ways to donate:

Donate with paypal
You could donate online here using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, Dinners, Banco Popular credit cards at a secure site.
Here we can show you how to donate directly to our bank accounts in the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica or BAC San Jose.
Here you can donate on a monthly basis the amount you wish.
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You could make your donation directly to our bank accounts:

Flecha Verde

BAC SAN JOSE acount :  913726964 dollars                                                 client account: 10200009137269642

BAC SAN JOSE acount: 913726931 colones                                                   client account: 10200009137269642

Flecha Verde
Banco Nacional BNCR  account: 100-01-002—010445-3    colones                     Client account :15100210010095125  
Flecha Verde
If you are a customer of the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica you can donate through their web site in the menu of accounts/donations/Hogar Manos Abiertas.  

If you wish to make a donation, know our needs:

Cantidad Producto
40 Crib Blankets
50 Pillows
100 Pillow Cases
20 Bio-hazardous Waste Containers
6 Bolts of Linen Fabric (white color only)
6 Irons
2 Refrigerators
6 Washing Machines (20 lb)
30 Paper Towel Dispensers
30 Toilet Paper Dispensers
6 Stainless Steel Emesis Basins       See more needs....
Donacion Recurrente
boleta imagen peq

If you want to donate on a monthly basis, fill out the form shown below. Once complete, scan and send by email to

The transaction is completely secure and in agreement with the bank (see policy of use)