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Our Mission

“Manos Abiertas” Foundation is dedicated to the care and treatment of children and adults with severe disabilities and terminal illnesses: severe cerebral palsy and mild quadriplegia, severe scoliosis, blindness, deafness, skin diseases, degenerative syndromes, severe malnutrition, diseases respiratory, mental retardation, psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, seizures, kidney failure, digestive disorders, poor gut rotation, Gastro esophageal reflux, internal feeding, gastro feeding, with a history of bacterial meningitis and measles, etc., all in state of disrepair.

Supplies are here for all your needs: food, clothing, medicine, hygiene, recreation, health, physical, emotional and educational care and permanent care, a clean and friendly, family environment and emotional security, until the day of death.

The Foundation is ran by a community of nuns, the Missionaries of the Heart of Christ Redeemer, that solidarity with the lack and disease, have adopted as their children, these little of God. A work that not only deals with direct patient care, but also the defense of fundamental rights in an often-indifferent society.

As the service is free, the mission remains in the providence mainly from the generosity of many donations, sent to help the poor.

Currently services about 100 people. Most require full assistance in all basic physical functions 24 hours a day, plus medical equipment, special diets, continuous medication, lots of disposable diapers, and all the resources needed to maintain infrastructure in good condition, and clean.


It is urgent to increase service coverage to cope with the increasing number of applications for admission each year who fall into homelessness, or are abandoned at birth.

New projects are planned to give response to this human tragedy experienced by our poorer brethren. We need your help in this work.